In 2001, Loretteville has ended its life as a poor, downspiralling city and merged with its larger neighbour, Québec City, along with most of the metropolitan area of the Old Capital City.

Now, Loretteville is one of the 35 quarters in the new Québec City. A lot of money and energy is invested to revive Racine Street and its boutiques. All renovated and refreshed, the store fronts are welcoming and display an architecture typical to the place, with a touch of Québec City-old buildings look and Wendat Huron look. Quarter life has since sprung and bubbles with unique Loretteville effervescence.

Boutik Flori really is, in itself, an attraction. A very surprising mix of racing cars and flower arrangements… You really have to see it, it truly is worth the stop.

Cordonnerie Loretteville is not an ordinary shoe shop. Everything that has to do with leather wear and accessories, footwear, backwear (back packs), sportswear and all the little knick knacks surrounding them.

The east end of Racine Street has a priviledged viewpoint over the Kabirkouba Falls, thundering down the St. Charles River. A photo/video must.

Alongside Racine Street, stretching a kilometre long, you will find a cobblestone walk where – regularly – family events take place. Tents are put up, kiosks of all sorts, corn or hot dogs are served and kids face-painted. For example, the Hallowe’en Mascarade draws people from kilometres away and hosts games, themes and activities. Quite a crowd! Summertime also brings its festive outbursts to the cobblestone walk.

By bus, routes 74, 84 and 87 take you there from the city centre and Metrobus 800-801. Route 72 takes you there from Charlesbourg and Metrobus 801. Route 75 takes you there from Galeries de la Capitale shopping mall.

Loretteville people are so welcoming that they salute you on the street even if they’ve never seen you before. You go home with this warmth impregnated. Welcome to you all!


About Jean-François Néron / Waska.org

Directeur général et guide-mentor chez «Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires» (Waskaquébec), une entreprise d'économie sociale œuvrant sans but lucratif à aider ses membres à acquérir l'autonomie socio-économique, à se concerter et à s'entraider pour bâtir leur prospérité. General Manager and Guide-Mentor at "Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires" (Waskaquébec), a non-profit, social economy enterprise helping its members acquire autonomy, collaborate in harmony and perform mutual help in building their prosperity.
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