Justice is a scam

People waiting for true justice to happen are doomed to be unhappy people. Nature never intended for justice to exist; Humans invented it as a tool of manipulation, to get around Nature’s laws. In fact, it is not so much a tool as a weapon. Ill willed indivduals, organizations, corporations, political parties and armed forces use it to win their battles no matter how fair the victory is.

Nature keeps itself balanced with what is called “equilibrium”. It will allow a cute, little lamb to be eaten by a ferocious wolf… But, in the end, everything comes even. The laws of chemistry, physics, ecology and – for that matter – the whole Universe all revolve around these principles.

Mankind pokes a stick in Nature’s wheel. Humans seeking to take matters in their own hands, to do themselves justice… That’s the creation of injustice.

Equilibrium is a complex, logical and autonomous process, meant to take care of itself. It dictates a set of rules and paradigms that keep the process going endlessly, effortlessly. Nature is set to adapt, to react to feedback, to sense and equilibrate. It revolves, lives in cycles and eras. Every component of the ensemble exists and acts in respect and responsibility towards its peers, and itself.

This free-standing regulatory system can be observed when a group of players gather to enjoy a board game such as chess. Each and every player has an interest in the game being played fairly and according to the rules. Equilibrium is a two-way street. The individual is responsible for the group to remain functional and benefits from collective stability. Noone really has to play bad cop.

Happiness and health are ruled by equilibrium. Not by justice. Any sane scientist will tell you that.


Waska.org‘s regulatory system is a free-standing, self-maintained set of “responsibilities and priviledges” well respected by its members. Obligations and prohibition call for anarchy and major investment in police action, legal turmoil and abuse.


About Jean-François Néron / Waska.org

Directeur général et guide-mentor chez «Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires» (Waskaquébec), une entreprise d'économie sociale œuvrant sans but lucratif à aider ses membres à acquérir l'autonomie socio-économique, à se concerter et à s'entraider pour bâtir leur prospérité. General Manager and Guide-Mentor at "Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires" (Waskaquébec), a non-profit, social economy enterprise helping its members acquire autonomy, collaborate in harmony and perform mutual help in building their prosperity.
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