Kaley Cuoco’s Legacy, part “un”

This is a series of blog articles on Kaley Cuoco, a 25 year-old actress, animal lover, avid spinner, ping-pong champion, technology obsessed, reality-TV enthusiast, but mostly a multi-talented heart involved in and promoting non-profit endeavours. She and sympathetic singer boyfriend Christopher French (Annie Automatic) promote a cause through a video clip and a song for the Humane Society of the United States. The blonde comedienne also shows up at meet-ups in support of similar causes. That is why Communauté Québec publishes this tribute to a young humanitarian soul.

It all started with the Big Bang

My colleague and good friend Louis enthusiastically introduced me to this bunch of “beautiful minds” — Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard — engaging scientists working at CalTech. Of course, I am speaking of the characters of Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.‘s Emmy-winning sitcom The Big Bang Theory, airing here in Canada on CTV, Thursday at 8:00 PM and weekdays at 7:30 PM (re-runs).

These scientists and geniuses nurish mostly geeky interests and live in their technocentric universe. Then appears this attractive, streetwise, and socially aware woman, Penny, played by Kaley Cuoco, who moves in across the hall from the apartment shared by Leonard (Johnny Galecki) and Sheldon (Emmy-winning Jim Parsons). While Penny geeks up a bit, she helps bring the geniuses back to more normal social conventions. She is also fond and protective of them.

Kaley Cuoco plays a profound Penny without falling in the sitcom archetype of the dim-wit female counterpart to the starring characters. She embodies Penny and inputs a Kaley heart to the role, projecting her as “relatable to”. I also agree Penny needs to grow up and mature her emotional self… But that’s just me.

In true web-2.0 enthusiast, I searched the Internet to read more about the cast of the show and what other work they have done.

2 simple incentives

Now I remember this face! My stepkids are watching Touche pas à mes filles, the French version of also award-winning sitcom 8 simple rules on Vrak-TV.

I have two major incentives for watching 8 Simple Rules. First, there is the late John Ritter who, along with his friend Henry Winkler, was litterally my English teacher. Secondly, I feel that the show is — for me, as a parent — a guide to better understand the relationship my loving children and I sail through. I am relieved by the “I hate you” that means or is followed by an “I love you”. And there is Kaley Cuoco, playing the older teenage sister Bridget in the Hennessey family. Personally, I strongly believe she merits many many many awards for her dramatic performance in episodes 4 to 9 of the second season. I’ll make sure she gets them.

The show often winks at humanitarian and humane awareness. Even the cast took part in non-profit events and promotion on various media. Kaley‘s co-star, the ever-so-endearing Amy Davidson, promotes humanitarian endeavours and attends charity events.

8 Simple Rules is contributing to community awareness as an education vehicle. And it’s fun!

Waska.org’s tribute to Kaley Cuoco (and — of course — Christopher French) highlights her involvement and her nice participation to promoting non-profit eandeavours.

To be continued… …in part “deux”

Jean-François “Tuxdequébec” Néron

Still working at improving my English. Please, do not hesitate to point out my poor use of my second language. Thank you for your understanding.


A special mention to Carla and Mark’s great site Fluffy Tails that entered in my family’s traditions and even bedtime stories.

Other references:



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