Three decades of Waska Movement

Three decades ago, in a Quebec City secondary school named “Campus 1”, students attending trade classes were concerned about individual prosperity once they graduate. March break was already over and the dreadful spectre of job searching awaited the unsuspecting.
This group of insightful graduates-to-be began meeting in the pastoral room, mentored by two teachers. Some of the promoters also attended a private course in Human Relationships and gathered a few collaborators there too.
On April 26, 1982, Club 3E was born. The three “E’s” stood for “Équipe – Entraide – Expérience”, which translated into “Team for Mutual Help in acquiring Experience”. Up until the end of the school year, the non-profit association operated from its original pastoral room at Campus 1’s Technical Pavilion.
Co-founders Claudette Lemieux, Marc Dubé, Louise Arsenault, Harold Rhéaume, Johanne Daigle, Jean-François Néron and other fellow students needed help from more experienced Louis-Marie Chalifour who designed Club 3E’s first constitution. Chalifour, then in his twenties, was a college graduate that the teenagers met at the Human Relationships class. He proceeded to illustrate clearly the new NPO’s set of values, its objectives and its activities.
Essentially, the Club started by offering good advice, then technical ressources to its members in need. Gradually, it grew into a social club offering various activities where the participants could be immersed into a warm, friendly atmosphere favorable to acquiring aptitudes and techniques leading to socioeconomic prosperity.
In the fall of 1982, the organization moved to its first independant headquarters, in a back-up classroom built in the basement of St. Ursule Church, reserved for community events, Scouts, Bear Cubs and Girl Guides.
Always mistaken for 4-H, 3-D and other sound-alikes, the Members Board voted in favor of a more distinctive name : Club Waska. With such a unique name, it became easier for the young association struggling to assert itself in the highly corporate world of 1980’s Québec City humanitarian industry.
Club 3E launched 30 years ago what we call today “The Waska Movement”, a non-formal grouping of individuals, associations and corporations believing in its philosophy and values:
Being responsible, accountable for one’s actions.
Learning through experience.
Profitability is a responsibility.
Devoting all one’s time to constructive actions and discourse.
Over the years The Movement has witnessed the founding (and closing) of many Club Waskas, from Québec City to Gibsons, BC.
To be continued

About Jean-François Néron /

Directeur général et guide-mentor chez «Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires» (Waskaquébec), une entreprise d'économie sociale œuvrant sans but lucratif à aider ses membres à acquérir l'autonomie socio-économique, à se concerter et à s'entraider pour bâtir leur prospérité. General Manager and Guide-Mentor at "Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires" (Waskaquébec), a non-profit, social economy enterprise helping its members acquire autonomy, collaborate in harmony and perform mutual help in building their prosperity.
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