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Member of The Waska Movement since 2002 and of Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires since 2007, Services d’Entraide L’Espoir (SEEI) is a non-profit organization helping individuals in their post-treatment recovery following mental health issues.

Based in Québec City’s Haute-Saint-Charles (St. Charles River Heights) borough, the organization is a participant of Communauté Québec. Within the framework of the programme, SEEI benefited from community technical services such as installing computers for its members to enjoy, websites and technical assistance when needed. “Mastering computers” workshops were given to SEEI members on a regular basis.

Communauté Québec also provided the assistance of a guide-mentor/photographer during social activities organized for SEEI members. 

SEEI general manager José Thériault explains that recovery must be lived in dignity, within a motivating environment. It is very consistent with Waskan values.

We value SEEI’s membership and nice collaboration! Prosperity to the organization and to all its endearing members.

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About Jean-François Néron /

Directeur général et guide-mentor chez «Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires» (Waskaquébec), une entreprise d'économie sociale œuvrant sans but lucratif à aider ses membres à acquérir l'autonomie socio-économique, à se concerter et à s'entraider pour bâtir leur prospérité. General Manager and Guide-Mentor at "Waska, autonomie et services techniques communautaires" (Waskaquébec), a non-profit, social economy enterprise helping its members acquire autonomy, collaborate in harmony and perform mutual help in building their prosperity.
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